Know What’s Happening at Your Doorstep with Real Time Alerts.

Protect Your Packages in 5 minutes

Easy Setup

At about the size of a Frisbee, (11.75 in or 30 cm) the patented Package Guard is a wifi enabled device that can be setup in about 5 minutes. The Package Guard is battery operated and the batteries will last 6-9 months before needing replacements. Batteries are included with your purchase.

Receive Real Time Alerts from Your Doorstep

The Package Guard sends real time notifications for you and your invite-only group when a packages is delivered and will alert you while also sounding a 100dB alarm if a package is removed without disarming via the app. The Package Guard can be secured to your porch with the anti-theft cable we include.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Package Guard helps you tap into the power of community with an app to create an invite-only network of friends and neighbors who can disarm and pick up a package for a neighbor should they be away for an extended period. We call the app your “Safe Circle” and it’s built to be used as an extension of a neighborhood watch program and one more deterrent for thieves.

Why We Care

Several years ago our founder, Mike Grabham, had a package stolen from his front door. The package – a box of coats for his charity Survive the Streets – was irreplaceable in time for their annual distribution to those in need. This theft galvanized Mike to create a solution so no one has to deal with package theft in the future. Package Guard contributes $1 for each sale back to the Survive the Streets to support the community.

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